Faith . Fun . Friendship

Building God-aware, innovative and progressive leaders who are passionate about birthing change in their community while having fun & sharing faith.


Our Mission


To be the foremost hub from which values, business ethics and information are shared


To be a forceful network of people who champion a godly life by practicing our faith in God, nurturing meaningful friendships and having fun.


To reflect that life in Christ is wholly satisfying and richly experienced when shared with/in the company of other friends

About Us

We are a youth-centric platform dedicated to bringing together, fun-loving, Christ-believing, creative people, unashamed of their faith, with the aim to empower them with tools to become all they can be. With our monthly networking events, we bring influencers and thought-leaders in different fields to coach and mentor our community to grow through life’s processes. Through virtual interactions and physical activities, we believe we create the space for young believers to thrive, explore and experience the fullness of God.

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